Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spins, MD

So I'm obsessed with my discomfort and I've been searching it on the web. I think I've made my diagnosis. Biliary cholic caused by something being wrong with my gallbladder. It's crappy.

I don't really want to have surgery and if I do, I don't want it to interfere with my trip.

Do you think it would be too much to ask if they were to see me next week and send me in to surgery within a few days?

My appointment with the MD is next week...I think I'm going to call around and see if there are any other GI docs with sometime sooner. Like tomorrow.


hippie chick said...

I definitely think sooner is better but I caution you against self-diagnosis via internet. Remember that stress manifests itself in many physical ways and I wouldn't be surprised if that's not a great contributor. Of course your symptoms are real and I'm glad you are paying attention b/c there is something clearly wrong. However, jumping to the conclusion that you will need surgery is, I can only imagine, adding to your stress level. I certainly hope that is not the case and that you can get an earlier appt.

Gladys said...

Spins--definitely, DEFINITELY go to the doc ASAP. If it IS gallbladder, and if they decide you DO need surgery, they can take care of it much quicker if you haven't got an infection running along with it. (That was the mistake I made--in my case, the gallstones had gotten into the pancreatic ducts and caused pancreatitis, which had to clear up first before they could do the surgery. That was why I was in the hospital a week instead of the normal 2-3 days!) The surgery itself is not that huge of a deal--not sure when your trip is, but if it's >1 week, you'd probably be all right. The sooner the better, though--you might find you don't need surgery at all.