Monday, August 25, 2008

Her majesty may need some support

We'll let you know.

We think you all know, from the lovely poetry last week, that things are not all well in the queendom. The consort is still making no progress and we are becoming impatient with this lack.

We are also greatly aware that we have been keeping ourself from the adoring public because of the consort, and this is vexing to us.

We have drawn up a list of questions to determine our consort's willingness to engage in his full duties, and will be pursuing these queries when our royal cold has cleared up.

However, speaking to our fellow queen, we have learned that the consort has provided answers to her that we would find completely unacceptable. If such proves to be the case, we will put him on notice of discontinuation of his duties.

P.S. If you have no clue why the royal "we," please read the post below.


Cody Bones said...

"Off with his head, I say, Off with it now".

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cody. Nowhere in The Royal Charter does it say that Her Majesty is required to Put Up With Crap or Wait For Idiots To Pull Their Heads Out Of Their Bottoms.

Be well, be strong, be fabulous. Oh wait, you already are. :)
Her Royal Pain In The Arse, Shinything

hippie chick said...

We hope HRH will deign to share details with her fellow queens at the feast tonight!
HRH Chick of Hippiedom

Aravis said...

Your Royal Subjects, Cody and Anonymous, have put it quite well. *G*