Friday, September 19, 2008


There was a very light rain tonight as I was driving over HippyChick & BeeDragon's house. I'm housesitting for them through Monday morning.

They have four kitties now: Marley, Kito, Nikkyo & Buster. All are very sweet in their own lovely way, and it's kind of fun to be around cats that are a little younger (but no longer kittens).

My mom got a kitten (I may have mentioned it already). It's name is Jackson. I'm not sure how one looks at a kitten and decides that "Jackson" works for it, but there you go.

I shared with my therapist this morning some things about the way that my father sometimes "disciplines" animals that very much disturb me. I was left, afterwards, feeling incredibly vulnerable. I realized that I'd never spoken about this to anyone before so directly and that a part of me feels somewhat complicit in having been unable to make my father clearly understand what was wrong with his behavior. But I've never been able to sway my father very much.

I had really good sessions with clients today, and there's not much else to say, I guess.

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hippice chick said...

1) your are a great catsitter and friend
2) it wasn't and isn't your fault about your dad and u are very brave to talk about it
3) you can't change him (i speak as one currently spending time with a lifelong republican dad!)
4) hope your weekend is very relaxing!