Monday, October 13, 2008

Creating Change

We all do different things to make changes happen in our lives. Increasingly, I'm finding myself drawn to being more focused on using ritual as a way of sending out my wishes for change.

In that spirit, I gathered a few like-minded friends on Sunday and had a lovely ritual to support the election of Obama in November. I wanted to put out positive energy, so any bad feelings or criticisms of the other campaign were left at home, and this carried through in our picnic and discussion afterwards.

It was really lovely to sit with friends and have a conversation about the world and our interests without any of the other stuff coming in.

The day was beautiful too and it all left me feeling quite happy.

Now, I'm off scrambling to figure out Conditions for Coverage at work. EEK!


Hyde said...

sounds like a beautiful day! :)


Aravis said...

I love this idea. I especially like the way you chose to leave negative thoughts out of it. It sounds like a wonderful, positive way to become involved in the election process.