Monday, November 24, 2008

A fine start to the day...

I forgot to call a dialysis unit to tell them that my patient wasn't coming there for Thanksgiving. I got a "thank you" for not giving a courtesy call to let them know, this morning. Ummmmm...Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

But then I got a bit of a whiff of my own medicine: some labs I asked to be drawn last week for a patient who is traveling were not drawn. The patient is going to have to come in today to do this. It's frustrating. But I would never "thank" the person for messing up.

Still, it is Thanksgiving week. Only 3 days of work. Even better: I cleaned my house yesterday and it is the cleanest it has been since I got sick in May. Probably even before that. I still have dishes to wash, but I dusted the front room (including the ceiling fan). It makes me feel really good.

I went with S on Friday to the Bonfire pep rally that is traditionally held before the UC-Berkeley v. Stanford football game. We didn't get in until half way through the rally. This made S cranky which I responded to by trying to be perky and happy. He was set on being cranky, though. Once we got in, he warmed up though, even though we weren't near the fire.

The rest of the weekend was mine and I took full advantage. I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought a new bathroom rug that is fully washable. Actually, I bought 2...nothing like doing my part for the economy! I also went to Barnes & Noble and got some books. One is a travel guide to New Orleans. I'm hoping to be going over my birthday week in April.

Well, not much more to say about the weekend. I've ordered my turkey from Whole Foods to pick up on Thursday. I'm getting my organic veggies on Tuesday from Spud! And I have Minnesota wild rice on it's way from mom. Really, you can't get much better than all that.

Addendum: It did get much better. I ordered a gluten-free pumpkin pie from Mariposa Bakery, and I've just learned that Pizza Rustica (just down the block from me) makes a gluten free crust! Woohoo!


Hyde said...

Hooray for a clean house. Enjoy it...! :)


Hippie Chick said...

Yay Happy Thanksgiving amiga, looking forward to seeing you next week :)