Monday, December 08, 2008


Sometimes I am asked to do the impossible. The best that I can do is to explain why what is being asked is impossible. I will try, of course, but I have gone past the place of getting panicked if the impossible doesn't happen.

Nice, deliberately vague statements above, but I'm really not interested in getting into the details of things that just freak me out, in general.

I don't feel well today. I haven't really felt well most of the weekend. I got some glutened chicken on Thursday, and I think (despite their best efforts) that I got some where we went for dinner on Saturday night. I think I may just have to give up the idea of eating out at most asian restaurants, since the likelihood of contamination is too high.

It's frustrating to not feel well when I'm pretty sure what is wrong and I think I can control it. Maybe I need to get past the idea that I can control it always (like the first paragraph - I can't make the impossible happen). Still I can do my best and try. Which means, today, calling the site where our holiday party is being held and finding out which of the items on the buffet will be gluten free or not.

That's all for now. Peace!

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