Monday, December 22, 2008

Dashing through the snow in a Mercury Marquis...

That car of my parents' is huge. It also is a really smooth ride. I hardly feel the road beneath me. Not such a great thing when driving in snow and ice. In fact, it's so smooth, it has a little warning light that comes up on the dash when it feels like it's swerving, just to make sure you know.

I have developed a periodic hacking cough. And I think that the mold in my old bedroom has not been resolved (they duct-taped the storage area that was moldy, but that mold is a tricky thing). So I'm back to sleeping on the downstairs couch again. It's the couch (reupholstered) upon which my sister is sitting with me in her arms on the day I came home from the hospital. Many memories are in that couch.

I've had 2 lovely visits so far. And I will be having dinner with a couple more people while I'm here. And there is the Christmas stuff too, but I mostly just like that I'm here without much of an agenda...oh! except that I have to do my shopping tomorrow. Good thing there's a mall nearby.

Have a lovely Holiday (whichever one you celebrate/d) everyone!

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Hyde said...

It's strange to be back at home with the parents. I'm feeling it too. Have a great holiday yourself!! :)