Monday, December 01, 2008

This and that

S & SS & I spent Thanksgiving day together. It was fun. SS got to cook and we got to eat...then we went to see Bolt. It was a hoot.

Friday, I spent the day mostly at home. It was a lovely day. I did do a little grocery shopping, but no Black Friday adventures.

Saturday, I met up with S & SS again and went to dinner, then to this place in Alameda called Lucky Ju Ju's. It's a non-profit pinball place. You donate $10, then get to be inside and play pinball all night long. It was great fun!

Unfortunately, lately I've been having a lot of right shoulder pain. It's a combination of a lot of things (including my obsession of Word Twist on my laptop at home, and sleeping on my right side). I also have the most problems with my right side holding stress and tension. Playing pinball aggravated things a bit.

Yesterday, S & I went to the Jack London Square farmers market, then toured a Light Ship. It was a lot of fun, especially as our tour guide had served his tour in the Coast Guard on similar ships. He was able to answer all our questions (including the engineering ones S threw at him).

We had a good talk about some things, then I dropped him home and spent the rest of the night watching Ghost Hunters. My shoulder was bothering me again, so I took a bath and took some generic tylenol from Walgreens. (I've been trying to cut back on Ibuprofen because one of our nephologists says it can be really bad for your kidneys.)

Well, this morning I feel really nauseous. I couldn't figure out what I may have eaten with gluten in it. I'd asked at all the restaurants and eaten what should have been "safe" foods. So, knowing that medications can have gluten in them, I looked up Walgreen's gluten-free product list, and guess what is not on it...the generic tylenol! 2 extra-strength tablets and I feel awful.

This has actually tipped my decision about getting a diagnosis. Because if a slip-up that small can make me feel this bad, then I'm worried about how other stuff is going to make me feel. So I'm going to make an appointment with my GI doctor and go ahead with doing a challenge. It's going to suck, but I work with people who have chronic conditions, and I know how antagonistic some companies can be about employees with chronic conditions. So I want FMLA protection, just in case. Which requires a diagnosis. Blah!

I'll keep you all posted. If it's celiac, I'm also going to suggest that my family get initial testing done.


Hyde said...

That sucks. I hope you start to feel better soon! And I hope your Thanksgiving was yummy. :)

spinsterwitch said...

Thanks, Hyde. It was nummy.