Thursday, January 15, 2009

Belly Rubbing Class

S called last night to tell me that he had passed the local pet boutique and had seen a puppy belly rubbing class in progress.

"Really? Belly rubbing?"

"Yes. There were people sitting on the floor and they had puppies in their laps getting belly rubs."

Well, it turns out that there aren't scores of people out in the world who lack the skills to rub a puppy's belly. It was instead a new puppy training course.

But still, it's quite an image, isn't it?


Cody Bones said...

I'm doing it right now, very soothing.

Aravis said...

It sounds blissful, especially for the puppies!

Lynn said...

Hi There, I don't see a "Contact Me" link on your blog so I'm posting this as a comment. I saw that last year you attended PantheaCon, are into Asatru and Huna (me too, and that's rare!) and work in social services in the Bay Area. (ME too!) So wanted to say hi. Feel free to email me for more info!
Aloha and Frith!

Agent Orange said...

Honestly, what on earth is going wrong with the world when people have to be taught how to rub a belly.

Aravis said...

Ok, Agent Orange has made a point. A very funny point. *G*