Sunday, March 29, 2009


In a week, I'll be in New Orleans.

Several months ago, my abstract for the Fat Studies section of the Popular Culture Association Conference was accepted, and I started planning my trip. I'm, of course, going for the full week.

S is going with me. I'm both happy about this and a little worried. We had a good conversation yesterday about it and came up with a plan. S has trouble with the idea that we won't get to see everything. I have no problem with this.

I finished the paper today. I may need to do a little polishing, but I'm really happy with it. And I'm really excited about some of the other presentations that are happening. There are a ton of them (the conference program has 400+ pages). There's a whole theme on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, alone.

There's a lot to do before I get there, including my birthday party next Friday. I need to decide about where I want to eat for dinner, then it's a night full of pinball.

How's everyone in blogland?


Cody Bones said...

I do have to say that last year, while in New ORleans, I took a Bayou tour with Graylines. WOW, tons of fun. have a great trip spins

Hyde said...

Happy early B-day!! What exactly is your paper about??

spinsterwitch said...

The title of my paper is "Fat Therapist, Fat Activist." It's about balancing the ethics of being a therapist with the ethics of being an activist.

Aravis said...

Happy Birthday Spins!

That paper sounds fascinating. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences on your trip.