Thursday, April 30, 2009

Background Noise

This week there has, obviously, been a lot of background noise. It's left me feeling on edge.

But there are some lovely things going on in my life right now as well. I have a tomato plant growing that I haven't killed yet. One planter box of lettuce sprouts seem to be thriving. I get to spend a week with kitties starting tomorrow.

I'm also excited about having a letter to the editor published and coming up with ideas for a pro-body/fat-positive psychological stance. I'm reading a lot in this process, but I really think this is the way to go with my practice and my clients. In many ways I already practice this way, but I want to have more internal structure for myself around it.

I think that's all for now.


Queenie said...

Sounds good. If you feel like talking more about the pro-body/fat-positive stance in practice as you structure it, that'd be really interesting.

spinsterwitch said...

Thank you. I probably will.