Monday, June 08, 2009

Gluten, gluten everywhere....

I went out with S & SS on Saturday to celebrate their return from their trip. In discussing whether there was wheat in some item on the appetizers menu, I learned that I had gotten glutened by the restaurant earlier in the week. It had caused me to take a day off, and now I'm having lovely stomach aches.

It wasn't the restaurants fault. I hadn't asked, but just made the assumption that everything was gluten free because it was Thai.

I have several conferences where they will be serving meals this summer. I've already let one of them know...the other I'm trying to figure out who to contact.

It just gets so tiresome. Maybe in a year or 2 it will be secondhand, but right now, it's just annoying.


Hippie Chick said...

on the bright side, Farmer Joe's now sells gluten-free pretzels :)

Aravis said...

That sounds like such a pain. But better than the alternative. As you say, it will eventually become second nature to deal with these things, though.