Monday, July 13, 2009

What I eat

Over on Facebook, I've been doing a food journal. My reasons for this are that I get frustrated with my own anxiety around food. Doing this journal brings up all those feelings of having myself bared and open to criticism.

I shared the story of going to a naturopath and presenting a one-week food journal and have her respond that I really wasn't eating enough to be as fat as I am. One of my friends pointed out the implication that I was probably lying on the journal.

I'm going to follow-up the week on Facebook with a week here. This may be redundant, but oh well. I'm finding that I'm learning a lot from this and want to continue.

What I'm learning - how the process of doing this changes how I normally eat...and why. My reluctance to connect any kind of emotional reaction to food or eating, despite the fact that this happens for everyone (even when you are not concious of it). My inclination to label "good" and "bad" the ways in which I eat.

The whole process is charged.

So soon, you will have daily posts from me least, for a week and mostly about food. But I'll be around.


Aravis said...

I saw a comedian perform at the Grand Ole Opry. He was fat, and okay with it. He included it in his spiel. He was wearing a button that read:

Fat people are harder to kidnap.

I really liked that, and thought that it might give you a chuckle too.

Aravis said...

Where are you? :0(