Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh, hi there!

So I survived the thrush and eventually shook the sinus infection. I performed in my concert at the beginning of October and then a couple of weeks later, went to MN to visit my parents and do some additional ancestry research. It was a lovely trip.

And I'm back to my regular routine. I spend my time avoiding difficult things (like washing dishes and doing laundry), and wishing I were independently wealthy. I also work hard not to get glutened, which is getting less and less.

I have been experiencing some SAD this fall. I don't get out in the sun enough...and truthfully, I don't get enough sleep. So I've been more tearful and things seem less "bright." I don't know what to do about that right now. I'm trying to get more sun and some exercise now and then, which also helps with better mood.

I sometimes think that taking care of me is a full-time job....shouldn't we be getting paid for this? People who have kids should be paid much more than they are.

I just finished my open enrollment for insurance, at work. I have to admit feeling frustrated and angry. The choices are lacking a certain something...mostly accessibility. Isn't health insurance through an employer supposed to be financially feasible - so we don't have to decide whether we can afford medication or doctor's visits when we are sick? Not so much anymore.


So here's what I am grateful for in the midst of all of this: My co-worker, Sonya, with a bit of a sarcastic edge. My partner. That the earth's core isn't heating up and thus sparing me from having to choose to stay and watch the Golden Gate tumble into the ocean or driving to Yellowstone to watch it blow up (I'm pretty sure I'd choose the latter). That I have a private practice that I love. Ghost Hunters - even though I'm pretty sure they are faking some of the "evidence."


Cody Bones said...

I'm thankful that you updated. I need me some Spins.

Hippie Chick said...

Sorry to hear about the continued SAD and crappy health care choices at work. Happy to know there are more and more glutenless products out there! Now give up those Bejeweled blitz secrets - haha ;) Do u do it with mouse? I use my iphone - don't think I could be nearly as fast w/a mouse click!