Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a boy....yeah, yeah...

My cousin is pregnant. She's a cousin I haven't been very close to, but we are now on FB together. As are her sisters and her mother.

So my cousin is pregnant and she found out on Tuesday that it's a boy. She's posted its ultra-sound, and is now in the midst of comparing how much he looks like his father. Her sister is thanking the lord that the child is mild of temperment. Have I mentioned that the fetus is probably only a few months gestated. ACK!

I guess I should be happy that she hasn't posted this as her profile picture, yet. OMG! I'm sorry. She did!

This family lives in a very different world than I do, it seems. This sister is married. The oldest is going to take a missionary trip to Southern England (I really wasn't aware that the Brits were in need of saving). Dad was once a Republican state legislator.

It's all just very bizarre. Although, I'm sure the idea that I'm a pagan, bi, fat activist who will publicly castigate Pat Robertson is a bit of a shock to them as well.


spinsterwitch said...

An update: now her sister has this as her profile pic, too.

Cody Bones said...

If it's their first, I believe that they should be granted a mulligan, but only for a short time

Aravis said...

Yes, a first deserves a little leeway.

On the other hand the thought of you spending any amount of time with these relatives makes me chuckle.

Maybe she's off to save our atheistic friend Swisslet? *LOL* Now that would be interesting! *G*

Aravis said...

Wherever you are, I hope you're well.