Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wal-Mart is coming to town

Listening to KPFA this a.m., I heard this distressing news. How did this happen?! Where was the public outcry?! They already having building permits and are ready to commence construction out on a piece of land near the airport, in my fair city.

It must be true...we must be seeing the beginning of the end times!


Anonymous said...

Not that I am a fan of the chain, but I saw today in the paper that Wally will extend the list of family members to employees to include same sex partners! Maybe there is light at the end of the check out counter!


Anonymous said...

I heard the same. However, the motivation was not terribly high-minded. Apparently it was in response to tightening up the ethics standards for employees about who they may or may not share privileged info with. I do think it will have broader implications, though.