Friday, February 11, 2005


I heard a lovely discussion about the need for compassion this a.m. on KPFA. In particular, they talked about how holding on to compassion can bring patience and joy. These are two things I feel like I need these days, in abundance.

They also introduced the idea that we don't teach compassion to people, even those moving into fields that you would think would need that element the most - medicine, psychology, social work. And it's true. I never got a class or workshop on compassion. I think they figured that since I was going into this field that I must already have it. That may be true, but how do we nurture it. I think of how the phrase "compassion fatigue" is used and it's very similar to burnout or "secondary trauma." How do we feed our compassion? Is it even possible in this society to do so? What changes might be necessary to do so?

I need to have patience this day. I need to face the day with joy, even if it doesn't meet my expectations. I have to hold onto hope and love in the face frustrations and delay.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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