Monday, February 14, 2005

"The War is a Lie"

That's a sign I've been seeing on my commute in the mornings the past few days. At first, I was pretty amused and feeling good that people are publicly recognizing the debacle of what our President has involved us in. Then I wondered this a.m., did the author perhaps believe that the war was being made up?

It seems like a farfetched idea, but people appear to be able to suspend reality enough to deny the holocaust. I suppose that someone could be delusional enough to believe that Iraq was just a media myth. But the idea pissed me the same way that holocaust deniers piss me off. We are involved in a tragic and horrifying action of violence that will have longterm consequences for not only the US soldiers and the citizens of Iraq, but for the world.

I realize that most of us do not deny the reality of the war, but I think that we do deny the reality of our complicity in it. And this feels like it's a significant issue to consider. How should I respond when my country acts in a way that is counter to my values?

This is a question for me to ponder on this Valentine Monday.


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