Thursday, February 24, 2005

How we use our power...

I was reminded by an e-mail from a friend today that sometimes I get so caught up in the way America uses its power destructively that I forget how we can use our power constructively.

There is a situation in the world today that calls for our attention and that is the genocide in Darfur. Daily, atrocities are being committed to men, women, and children who's only crime was to be born as tribal peoples in this area of the world. They are raped, tortured and killed without mercy.

It makes me think of the days of rememberance which just passed for the Holocaust. Here it is, another Holocaust. We need to not only remember, but we need to act.

Our government knows about this genocide. They fully acknowledge it, but nothing is being done to stop it. It is simple to let our government know what you think about this issue. Go to and download the letter to President Bush. Mail, fax or e-mail it to him and copies to your senators and representative. You can write your own, if you want. It takes only a few minutes.

I encourage you to talk to everyone you know about this tragedy...and encourage them to take action, too.


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