Friday, March 11, 2005


I bet you (the one or two who make it to this page) are glad to hear that. Enough of the whining, already, spinster. Mostly, I'm having my happy hormone day and it's sunny and it's a Friday...which despite the fact that I work on Saturdays still holds a psychological sway. It's a golden shining moment and I won't let anything get in my way.

The other brilliance, is the realization that last month, for the first time in a long time, I did not have any money added to my debt. In other words, everything that could and has been charged to credit has now been discontinued (i.e. internet services, etc). I was also able to pay off a store charge card with the refund I got from my insurance. These really are babysteps when compared to the debt I have, but damnit, they are important. I accept that I will probably often have car debt and may some day (please gods!) have a mortgage. I know that I will probably be paying school debt until pigs fly. But what I want gone are the credit cards and the evilness that they represent. I feel like I've made some good strides this month.

So that's me today. Feeling good in a couple of different ways. Feeling goal really positive ways.


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sfbette said...

i am so glad, SW!! i love having those positive days...especially because i find it's easy to dwell in what is wrong and not working in one's life. it's great to remind yourself of the good things in life!

and, keep in mind, most of us are in the same debt boat...especially people who went to grad school...ouch!

have a WONDERFUL saturday! wish i could take you out for tea!