Friday, April 01, 2005


Gods, but a lot of people are dying these days. I should say that a lot of people of sufficient note to be in the news are dying...I mean, hey, people die every day that we never know about.

I am reminded by these deaths that I haven't filled out my Advanced Directive yet, and as I embark on my 36th year on this planet, that is what I plan to do. I know what I want to happen if I am beyond recovery and I know who I would like to have a say in how my medical care should proceed. I need to write these things down, so that my family and my friends know, too. And I need to talk about these things with them openly.

I am shocked, personally, at how saddened I am by the Pope's decline. Good pagan that I am, I do not feel that his beliefs are at all in line with mine; however, I do sense that he was a gentle man who carried himself with grace. I think there may be something about having devoted himself to the worship of a god that gives me a connection to him. I get that, and even if I would never again worship the same god, I find that honorable.

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