Friday, April 01, 2005

Ode to Cocktail Buns

Have you ever had them? They are lovely baked goods you can get at any self-respecting Chinese Bakery. It's sweet dough filled with butter, sugar and coconut and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Really, there is nothing quite like it for the anti-Atkins among us. I've been enjoying them lately, in all their decadent goodness, because not feeling well spurs on all of the desires for comfort food. It's a little strange that cocktail buns should be comfort food to a Scandanavian from MN (transplanted to CA)...but there it is.

I've actually decided that post-birthday I will be embarking on a no-sweets expedition. I did this once 2 years ago. I stopped eating sugar for about 3 months. It was tough, but I feel like it re-set my palate to a more reasonable level. You see, I've got a huge sugar tolerance. I'm pretty sure it contributes to my moodiness (except during PMS when that's just the hormones racing through my veins), and I know that it correlates with energy lows. So, after my birthday, I will gorge myself on fruit in an attempt to steer away from Chocolate Chunk Cookies and, sadly, those beautiful cocktail buns.

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