Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ode to TheraFlu

After not getting enough sleep on Monday night, I decided to break out the big guns to help clear my sinuses and get some real rest. I slept like a log and could have slept some more! I don't take this stuff very often because I seriously think that I could get addicted to it. Of course, today I'm floating in a post-TheraFlu haze...very pleasant, but not terribly productive.

Watching television last night, I heard that Johnny Cochran had known, by me at least, as the defense attorney for OJ Simpson. This is really apropos of nothing, it just took me by surprise. What with the Pope ailing, Terry Schiavo slipping away...and there was someone else famous in the hospital with pretty serious viral pneumonia...I hadn't expected to hear that Johnny Cochran had died.

Okay, obviously, my cold and TheraFlu haze are affecting my ability to process, so I'm off.

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