Monday, March 28, 2005


I'm sick of being sick. This makes the second time in 30 days that I have had to fight off a virus. Thankfully, this time around there were no fevers...just the garden variety flu to fight with high blood pressure inducing decongestants.

The worst part about being infected, is that my emotional system goes haywire too. I get a case of the weepies everytime I read or see something even mildly shmaltzy. So last night I wept...yes, wept...over the stupid made for TV movie with Christine Applegate. It could not be more pathetic. Okay it could, but those things I try not to share with the public.

On another note - have you all seen the commercials where the guy is kvetching over listening to his mother talk for 20 minutes about what the cat did...using up his precious long distance minutes. I have to say that the first time I heard that I laughed until I almost peed. That describes quite accurately my own conversations with my mother. But now it's not just cats (yes, would be a crazy cat woman if my dad and aunt weren't around to check her), but her new dog, Jesse. So I got 25 minutes of pet update last night. And she was sick...not in top conversation form. Ah, the joys of a pet-obsessed parent. (You all know I would be as bad, if not worse, if I had my own little puppy to brag about. It must be genetic.)


Anonymous said...

Boy that brings up some memory. When I was a small child, my aunt (Jeannie) would call long distance (in the days where that meant huge expense as folks still tended to live near each other and to use mail for most communication) and wanted all of the kids to talk to their "cousins" Paddy, an ugly, black and white chihuahua mix that had a mean streak when he visited. My mom was beyond herself that all that money was being waisted on a dog. But my aunt had no other kids but her dog. When I had my own pets as an adult, I realize how much a part of your life critters can be. Including my little rabbit that lived with us for eight years. ;o)


Gladys Cortez said...

I get that weepy-thing too!! If I'm sick, or about to be, I've even been known to bust out crying at peanut-butter commercials. Swear to god. It's embarrassing.

My mom has no pets. So she talks about church. Not fun for my heathen self to listen to....