Monday, April 25, 2005

Hail the Coffee Guy

Here's reason #537 why not to go to Starbuck's...So last week, we all know that I had Caffeine Tuesday wherein I was given a caffeinated beverage when I only drink decaf. Well, I go to the Green Bean, the local coffee place that has the cutest coffee guys in the area, and I tell him to please make sure that it is decaf this time. Then I tell him about my buzzy day last week, courtesy of his co-worker (who I learned was justifiably stressed due to an impending wedding). He makes my coffee up and gives it to me for free. For all the friendliness and neatness of a large chain, I can pretty much assure you that rarely does a coffee drink depart a Starbuck's for free.

So I thank our lovely Green Bean coffee guy...and now I have enough for another later in the week!

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Flash said...

Happy Days!