Thursday, April 28, 2005

Relief! and My Hometown

So I did something difficult today...I don't feel the need to elaborate on that, but still it's something that takes a weight off my shoulders. And I'm proud of myself for doing it. That's my first relief. My second came after reading that the President is having a press conference at 5:30 p.m. and luckily, I will be running from my insane job to my counseling gig, so I will not be subjected to rads of propaganda. Whew!

The other piece of interesting news is that my hometown, Minneapolis, MN, was featured in the SF Chronicle 2 days in a row. Yesterday there was an article about how the Minneapolis city council is trying to decide whether or not to revive the quaint medieval practice of licensing beggars (we call them panhandlers, even though they no longer have pans but used Starbuck's cups). The other article was on what a lovely, safe city the author found it. It was an interesting, if somewhat surreal article given the fact that in the not too distant past, Minneapolis had the highest murder rates per capita of any city in the nation. Still it is good to find that the downtown area (apparently the only area that the author was in) has gotten a much needed facelift. I do miss Minneapolis during the hot months. There's nothing like sitting out on the front step in a t-shirt and shorts, while getting your blood drained by mosquitos. Ahh, my youth!


Flash said...

Funny that, I only really hanker for my hometown when it's sunny.
I used to like to sit by the cathredral & watch the people go by.

For people read; scantily clad ladies.

Ka said...

I had my very first kiss in your fair city - with a boy who put my hand on top of his pants and breathed "do you like it?" "NO!" I cried, and took off up the stairs. I never saw him again.

Ah, Minneapolis. The memories.

sfbette said...

strangely, i don't miss the city much.

i miss my friends (but we've all really dispersed, haven't we?), running around the lakes (central park is o.k., but will never compare) and my family (who i can only take in small doses these days, anyway).

and the Wedge. believe it or not, there is nothing as good as the wedge in nyc. i miss summertime oatscream shakes, fresh figs and tempeh tarragon salad.

man, just mentioning that is bringing a tear to my eye. there is something to be said for the memories of taste, smell and touch...