Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Hurts so good"

Okay, it really just stings. But I gotta say that last night after about 2 1/2 hours, as the endorphins were wearing off, it hurt pretty bad. I'm talking about the tattoo, of course. It's beautiful. Idexa did a great job. She thought so too and took a picture for her portfolio. It was a lot of fun to have Hippy Chick join me. She and Idexa know a lot of people in common through Bee Dragon, something I didn't know before, but felt reassuring. Afterwards, Hippy Chick picked up the tab for some tappas before we headed home.

This morning, I moved out of the house I've been sitting (I actually get 2 nights in my own bed before going to Hippy Chick's for the weekend). As I was loading up the car, my keys slipped out of my hand and dropped into a street drain. I got to do a little city fishing with a wire hanger. It really wasn't too much trouble, but that initial "oh, shit" moment really got my adrenaline going.

It also feels like my cold is really receding, so I've got a little more energy...and I feel happy. It's an optimistic way to start the day - successful fishing and new tattoo and all.

I'll probably be taking some pictures this weekend and will try to get them developed and up on the web soon (one of the few without a digital camera these days).


Flash said...

Yay for a happy Spinsterwitch!

I haven't got a digital camera either, by the way.

Charby said...

So will we get to see pictures of the tattoo?

spinsterwitch said...

I'm hoping to get a picture this weekend and get it up on the web next week.