Wednesday, June 22, 2005

La bella luna

Gods, but did anyone see that full moon last night. It was huge and bright and yellow. I saw it mostly while driving - probably not the best time to be moon-struck. It was gorgeous.

Today is the day that I get my new tattoo. I'm obviously a little worried about it...I dreamt that the tattoo artist ended up having to bail on me and I had to reschedule. Hmmm....

I also had to just share that I had sent a response to someone's ad recently and they just responded back that they didn't think we would be a "perfect" match. I normally am quite happy with people e-mailing me to say, "I don't think we will work" or "I don't think we're a match," but to have them throw in that "perfect" just really raised my hackles. And thank the gods we're not because if someone is looking for "perfect" from a response e-mail to a craigslist ad, they are wildly delusional.


Flash said...

Yeah the moon looked just the same from over here, it was ace.
I nearly blogged about it.

good luck with the tattoo!

spinsterwitch said...

I love it when it gets that way. I'm glad it wasn't just here.

Aravis said...

Yes, I saw it here as well. Beautiful!

As for the ad, you definitely don't want someone who demands perfection. Those people always seem to have a lot of issues too, don't they? It's all too exhausting, and you deserve better. *G*