Thursday, June 02, 2005

Never give up the pretty

I decided to take some advice from a friend and read the book He's Just Not That Into You. Contrary to the title, it's actually a pretty empowering book. The title of this post is the authors' way of saying - you deserve the best in your life and shouldn't settle for second best. There was a really wonderful quote from the end of the book that I was going to bring in and share, but I forgot it at home, thanks to my lovely allergies.

Anyway, I read the book because I was getting pretty sick of myself and my neurosis regarding dateboy. It helped me put things in perspective. The perspective isn't terribly positive, perhaps, but it is optimistic. Here's my thinking right now...he's not calling very often or nor seems to be interested in finding time to see me much, so I have to think that he's not terribly interested. However, he hasn't broken off complete contact. So that's fine for now, but it's really not fine for the long term. If nothing seems to be developing in the next month or so, then I need to make decisions based on what I want in a relationship. If what I want is more contact, and he's not interested in that, then I move on. (Even if he is incredibly sweet and a cutie!)

So there we go...the head finally has something to say to the heart that the heart will listen to.

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