Tuesday, June 14, 2005


So I got up this a.m. and took the shower test...you know, take your shower and get dressed then see how you feel. I felt like a freight train had hit me. So even though I feel like there's a ton of work to do (as well as clinic visits and a care plan meeting), I decided I need another day at home. So here I am at the Retreat with computer access and time on my hands. The long and the short of it is that I figured out 1) how to add sites that I read, and 2) a counter to my blog. Joyous! It was really easy, of course, but I just never have time to do anything like that at work.

But that's not what the blog title is all about. I got to thinking last night about my hair. It really is the only thing that I am consistently vain about. For those who haven't known me with my hair long...when it's long it's pretty much Janis Joplin hair. Same color, same thickness (not that I ever got to see in person), and it's long. This is good because when it's short, it just doesn't really work right on my head...it's also not so great because there's so much of it that a) it sheds everywhere, and b) getting accessories for thick long hair is difficult. I love it (even when I hate it)!

This is apropos of nothing, except that when you are horribly vain about something, you really want to shout it from the rooftops. Since I'm not terribly fond of heights...this is the best I could do.


Flash said...

I'm the same but the only physical attribute I can be proud of would sadly get me arrested if I started shouting about it from anywhere!


writinginAK said...

I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well, but glad you've got a lovely place to be while you're not feeling well!!!
My cd recommendation of the day is Carrie Newcomer's "Betty's Diner" ... I got to see her in concert Sunday night, and it was great ... one of those rare moments in Alaska of feeling like I'm "among my people" (granola-y peace and justice-ish folks grounded in some sort of spirituality/faith -- apparently a rare commodity in Alaska). And I told her that her song, "Bare to the Bone," was the song my partner and I danced our first dance to at the reception for our commitment ceremony ... she was really glad to know that, which was cool! And after I heard her play it as an encore, I was even more glad we'd chosen it.
be well, friend!Enjoy this day of rest and recuperation!