Friday, July 01, 2005

Crazy Craigslist

I decided on Wednesday that I was not going to post any more ads on craigslist (at least not for many moons)...mostly because I e-mailed one guy a couple of times, then said I wasn't interested and he went off on me saying that he figured that something like this would happen with a vegetarian (apparently being a pagan, tattooed or liberal wasn't a problem, but not eating meat was).

Anyway, someone else had responded and I've been bouncing e-mails with this individual, culminating in weirdness today, so I thought I would share the entire exchange (I'll call this individual, since I can't verify gender, "yahoo"):

yahoo: wow, very intriguing words.
spinster:Thanks...are you interested or just commenting?
yahoo: I just thought what you wrote was very intriguing... is that a hobby or something...?
spinster:The poem in my ad is by Randall Jarrell. Although I do sometimes write poetry, it is not at all in the same league as him.
yahoo (this is the e-mail from today...):once there was a lady,
whom did feel shady.
She partook in a shake,
but only did bake,
geez... why doesn't she just decide to be awake.

lol...roflmao... *grin*
wakey... wakey... hon... you ain't in the kansas [desert] anymore... lol...

I am clueless as to what this means - and I'm really just over it.

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LavaLady said...

Oh no, and I'd just gotten the bright idea to reply to a local craigslist post...

Well, it won't hurt to find out. I'm of the mind that not looking (for myself) is somehow lazy, but I think I won't find what I'm looking for right now anyway.

I don't have a lot of (or really, any) patience for 'yahoos'.