Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself around"

That's what it's all about.

I'm exhausted...we had clinic from 9-2 non-stop. I've just had brief moments to catch blogs here and there during the day. And now, I have a ton to document and it's almost time to go and my brain feels like mush.

Thanks to cinomasochist and Urban Fox, the hedgehog will be named: Johann Shahrukh Nabokov. And a fine name it is. I would already have the sweetheart, but the herobunnylabs site was slow. I'm just not my normal patient self today.

On a grand, happy note today, I ended my housesit and will be once again returning to my own apartment. This time I can live undisturbed for about a month before I will have a last housesit for the summer. To make this day seem even shinier, Flypside has released their debut album, We The People, and I am heading to the store directly between jobs to pick it up. Rock'n'Roll, baby!


Flash said...

Hmmm, we call it the Hokey Cokey over here.
And.. what if that's what it really is all about????

Moose said...

Stellar name! Oh, and good luck on the work.

sunshine said...

I'm lost here. I will be going back to catch up on all there is to know about you.

But for now I'm off on vacation. Thanks for dropping by my blog too.

Love the name created for your new addition.

the urban fox said...

Excellent. He is already a prince among hedgehogs.

spinsterwitch said...

Good question, Flash...a little too deep for me today.