Saturday, July 09, 2005

"How old old are you now, anyway?"

So I decided to go ahead and buy tickets to White Stripes. Actually, I just bought one ticket, as no one I know around here (except for the disappeared DateBoy and HippyChick and BeeDragon, who will be out of town) would probably want to go with me. But I learned long ago that, as a single woman, if I want to enjoy life, I have to go out and do things on my own.

Recently, I had someone say to me..."I kind of like going to movies on my own sometimes." And I thought, but didn't say, "I mostly like going to movies on my own." I don't have to fight with anyone about what to see. I can walk out, if it sucks, and it's the easiest of activities to do alone. Dining out alone is the most difficult, especially if you want to go somewhere nice where you might feel ackward bringing a book.

Travel alone brings up added difficulties. I think the next time I take an international trip alone, I will probably go the hostel route and try to meet up with people that way. I got awfully lonely during my trip in Scotland in 2000. Thankfully, B has express interest in continuing to travel with me occassionally...and I still want to see if I can get HippyChick and I to take a trip together sometime.

This will be the first concert I go to alone. I'm a little nervous about it because I also have a feeling I'll be at the older edge of the crowd - and I always worry that I'm just not "cool" enough for my musical tastes.


LavaLady said...

Good for you! Please let us know how that is - I've never actually listened to their stuff, but I assume I'd like it.

There are a couple of shows in bars I've skipped lately because I didn't feel like going alone. The last big show I saw alone was the Butthole Surfers. I sat in the balcony by myself. It was a LONG time ago, but I remember being glad that I went. I've gotten in the habit of seeing movies alone, but I stopped doing it recently, it just felt too depressing. Okay, now I'm going on and on in your comments.

I guess I'm relearning how to do lots of stuff alone. The restaurant thing is something I've experienced too, I do more take away these days, then go home and sit on the livingroom floor and eat.

Stompp said...

"I always worry that I'm just not "cool" enough for my musical tastes."

Ah forget cool, have fun and enjoy yourself! I'm sure it'll rock!

Moose said...

I think it's easier to go solo to concert than out to eat. At least at a concert you can mingle with people of similar intrests, and maybe something comes from that. Enjoy!
Oh, and thanks for stopping by.

sunshine said...

I agree, movies are a breeze to do alone.

Dinner not so bad if you sit at the bar.

Traveling alone....taking my first airplane trip alone next week. Dreading it actually. Other than that I never have.

Enjoy the show, no one will know you are alone.

You must be "cool" you read Charby's and Flash's blogs

SwissToni said...

you'll be fine.... for just two people, they are a completely irresistable live act and you will be completely blown away, I guarantee it.

Having said that - hats off to you for having the bottle to do it. I've been to the cinema on my own, but (outside of the odd band I've seen on my own at Glastonbury) I've not been to a concert on my own.

Good for you.


(and the Kaiser Chiefs will be brilliant too, BTW)