Monday, July 25, 2005

"Maybe I'm just like my mother..."

Good weekend, I had once I got that list posted. It helped me make a decision about my internet connectivity...I've decided to get DSL. Really, it's too expensive to buy access on the weekends, which is what I ended up doing this weekend. So I signed up on Sunday and it should take about a week or 10 days to get everything set up.

My weekend kind of got away from me. I had all sorts of plans to clean, do my bills, take a nice walk at the marina. What did I do take-out and rented all three of the Blade movies. I did spend a lovely part of Saturday evening painting and dancing around my house to various CDs. A couple of good things came out of it...1) I figured out what I'm giving my supervisor for the past year as a thank you gift (she supervises my therapy practice and I will be ending the supervision as I go into private's all voluntary, and she's really amazing!). I framed one of my paintings for her and it looks really nice. 2) I did some finger painting and made a really cool and kind of creepy painting that looks like an eye. Wild!

Just an FYI, if you have not read the "99 truths" list down below, you might want to skip this next part and come back to it.

My lie in the previous posting is #55. My mother has a 3-year degree from Swedish Hospital's School of Nursing. Even though it's not a university or college per se, it is post-high school, and is actually 1 year longer than an Associate degree in nursing would be these days.

Flash - #97 is indeed a fact. This is, actually, the fact that almost didn't make it into the list because I make assumptions about what other people's assumptions about me will be - causing myself no end of distress, in the process. I decided to include it because once it's out there, I no longer have to be afraid of what happens if someone finds out.

AravisArawen - Wow! that is much closer on the 6 degrees.

LavaLady - Octavia Butler is a goddess (a quirky goddess) in my eyes. I love her writing and her dedication to her art.

ST - definitely not #92.

NummNumm - thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you were in Minneapolis during one of the warm months.

Lord Bargain - no piercings. My tattoo artist, Idexa, told me that those piercing guns that they use at the malls are actually more painful than having a needle piercing. The pain of the ear piercing is really what's kept me from trying another type of piercing.

Okay, enough on that...Why am I happy it's Monday? Because tonight I go with HippyChick to see the Kaiser Chiefs!


Aravis said...

You can just call me Aravis. :0) It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, even if it wasn't the one you had planned. Your finger painting sounds really cool, and I think that your supervisor will love your gift.

Have fun tonight!

Mrs. Mystic said...

glad to see you in such good spirits spinny.

SwissToni said...

have fun and let us know how you get on with the Chiefs!

They're a lot of fun live, by all accounts....


Moose said...

It sounds like a stellar weekend!

Flash said...

Happy Kaiser time, I reckon it'll all kick off, in other words: I predict a riot!