Sunday, July 10, 2005

"Take a walk on the wild side"

Last night, as I surfed blogs, I got to thinking that I really did not need to have another weekend quite so pathetic as this. That was the spirit in which I went to buy the White Stripes tickets...and it seemed that my desire for something a little bit more adventurous has continued. I'm pretty much decided that I will go down to San Diego for a solo adventure during the first part of my vacation at the end of August. There are cheap flights and resonable hotels, and I might investigate this hospitality club that Ka mentions (Grey City Manifesto) on her blog to, at least, meet up with interesting people for a night at the club or a wander around the historic district.

I, also, decided that I wanted to pursue some local hiking and maybe a little camping. It's been awhile since I really tried either - camping was in high school, and I think it's just generally hard to convince a 15 year old girl that sleeping on the ground without shower facilities is a good idea. Hiking, well, my biggest objection to hiking is the heat and the sun, but these are definitely workable in this area.

So today after meeting with a group I regularily attend from my church, I went to coffee with MapMaker (the one I'm having a subtle flirtation with - although now I can't tell. This is always my problem.) and PerkyLesbian. It was a really nice thing...all of us are single and having a hard time meeting people, and getting tired quickly of the process. I mentioned to them that I was thinking of trying out camping and hiking, and MapMaker and PerkyLesbian offer to go camping with me. So now I think I'm going camping with them either this coming weekend or in about 6 weeks - depending on PerkyLesbian's schedule. It'll be fun to have it just be us single folk.

So suddenly I feel like I have gone from having nothing going in my life to camping adventures with new friends, an exciting trip in the works, and fun, live music in the offing. And for the first time in a couple months, I don't feel quite so hollow (i.e. Shape without form, shade without colour,/Paralysed force, gesture without motion;).

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Hyde said...

I think it's awesome to take control of things like that and fill up your life. I'm having issues with the "doing stuff alone" thing too, and also with reinventing myself right now. Let us know how all of your adventures go!