Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Brief blogger break

So I decided tonight that I need a break from my head, so I'm not going to blog tomorrow (although you know I'll be reading yours at some point). Anyway, so in order to help give my brain a break, I'm going to ask you all to pitch in. All the cool kids are doing it! I might as well.

Ask me a question, any question you've been dying to know about me, and I will answer it sometime Thursday to the best of my ability.

Poetry fans, fear not, I don't have to think to post more of that...and for your convenience the link to the poetry site is now in the sidebar as Spun Words.

Good night all!


Flash said...

OK: Me, you & meg; How would that go?

Tee hee, sorry proper question coming later!

Scully said...

Flash, you're such a guy!!!

Seriously, why the Spinsterwitch moniker?

Lord Bargain said...

why have you ended up living where you live?

and who'd win a fight between a lion and a tiger?

AJ said...

Why is Celine Dion such a peckerhead?

Flash said...

Spins, If language & economy were not issues: Where in the world would you choose to live?

Do you believe in extra terrestrial life?

How great am I? (on a scale of 9 to 10)...tee hee

the urban fox said...

What's your earliest memory?

Charby said...

What sense do you think you can handle losing the most?

Dan said...

I recently heard the expression "Well-behaved women don't make history." Do you agree? What about well-behaved men, do they make history?

SwissToni said...

favourite book, album, band (and why for each)

What's your favourite period of history and why?

What qualities do you look for in a man, and what do you lust after?


how do you take your tea?

How would you execute Mick Hucknall?


MrMystic said...

If it were possible is there anything about yourself you would change?

Fred said...

How did you wind up in Oakland?

sunshine said...

Do you have siblings?

Do you have a talent? If so, what is it...(ie juggling)?

Prefer to be hot or cold?

Moose said...

When you close your eyes, what do you see?

Bee said...

If you could meet any historical figure and sit down and have a long conversation with them, who would you choose?

What's your favourite ever poem (by someone else, I mean!)?