Monday, August 01, 2005

Grocery cart

I’ve wanted to do this for ages, since I saw Flash’s, but have never really gotten around to it. So here it is what I bought at the grocery store today for this week (remember I live in California, and be kind):

Annie’s P’sghetti Os (with soy meatballs, no less!)
Maranatha No Salt Creamy Peanut Butter
Healthy Valley No Salt Soups (Lentil, Black Bean, and Mushroom Barley)
Santa Cruz Apple Blackberry Sauce
Green Forest Bathroom Tissue
Marinated Baked Tofu
Olives from the olive bar
Cocktail Rye Bread (which came out on the printout as “Rubschlager Cock”)
Smoked Cheddar
Veggie sushi (cucumber/avocado maki, to be exact)
Frozen edamame
Frozen baby lima beans
1 lemon
Green onions (or scallions)
1 pint strawberries
Amy’s Brown Rice & Veggies Bowl (frozen)
A slice of tiramisu from the deli
A salad from the salad bar (mixed greens, cucumbers, red peppers & beets)
1 bottle Toasted Head Chardonnay

I forgot to get a pint of cherry tomatoes for the lima bean salad I’m making tonight, and normally I get a quart of soy milk, but I have most of it left from last week.


Flash said...

My god women! You seem to have forgotten the chocolate!!

red one said...

Your shopping list would make a good joke for people over this side of the Atlantic, beginning:

This bloke goes into a pub and says "I'll have pint of cherry tomatoes..."

It's because we only get liquid things in pints here, in our rather limited way.

NB - The formulation "X goes into a pub" is also an unvarying tradition. We specialise in limited here.

There is something about the sushi-lima-tofu-peanut butter combination that does suggest California I agree. But it also suggests that you are rather more heaalthy and sensible about your food than me. My list would have far more "stodge" items on it...

I've never heard of an "olive bar", but you can get a wide selection of olives at lots of the shops round where I live - there's a big Turkish and Kurdish poulation . Yum, yum.


SwissToni said...

you're going to hate me, and I could well be wrong, but my obsessive streak won't allow me to let this pass.... isn't all sushi vegetarian? I thought the stuff with fish in it was sashimi?

[ducks for cover to avoid the slap that unjustified pedantry so richly deserves]

Toasted Head? Who names these vineyards?


spinsterwitch said...

Chocolate - I can't keep it in the house because I devour it. I must only buy it in small doses at a time.

Sushi - sushi is actually the way the rice is prepared, so anything wrapped in the rice is sushi. The fish, by itself, is sashimi.

SwissToni said...

yay! I was wrong!

Charby said...

No ice cream either... tut tut.
What's edamame? cheese?

spinsterwitch said...

edamame - soy beans still in their pod.

Moose said...

You've just reminded me I need to go to the grocery.

Bee said...

That all sounds awfully healthy. I think you need more cake.

Actually, my most recent shopping list was pretty healthy too: it was all things like salad, radishes, pineapple, cherries ... then I ruined it all by going home and having 3 glasses of wine and a big slice of Victoria sponge.

(Did I say "ruined"? Sorry, I meant "enhanced".)

Lord Bargain said...

i think we need to make more of the "Swiss Toni Was Wrong" incident that seems to have slipped under the radar here, frankly.

There was an Englishman, an Irishman, and a pint of cherry tomatoes....

(Red, you're right. Limited humour).

I think its a very healthy shopping list, although I can't say I am disappointed not to be getting my laughing gear around a Rubschlager Cock (despite whan people might think).

nice bottle of plonk, though.

Charby said...

*feels kinda silly now*

Hyde said...

You are one unbelievably healthy girl! (Or is all of CA like that? Enlighten an East Coaster like myself!)

spinsterwitch said...

No no, Hyde, there's plenty of deep fried, sugary coated goodness, too. Although there does seem to be just an amazing abundance of fresh fruit and veggies here.

Anonymous said...

you big crunchy treehugger! ;)

SwissToni said...

Lord B - let me tell you here and now, from the safety of the 15th comment on a post disappearing down spin's blog.... I know it may be hard news to take, but I'm quite often wrong !