Monday, August 08, 2005

"I don't want to work, I just want to bang on these drums all day"

So a huge portion of my feeling down this weekend, and currently, is anxiety about a situation at work. I am a wuss about confrontation, and anytime I know that I will have to deal with a potential confrontation, I just become like jelly. I want to hide away. Sadly, I've chose a profession that brings me into situations with some regularity in which a client is angry, sometimes at me, but sometimes at others.

This means that I have gotten better at confronting people and being pretty diplomatic about it...but it also results, at times, in days or weeks of upset stomach, difficulty sleeping, and feeling distracted. And I'm the professional being asked to resolve these problems.

And, of course, when I'm anxious, I get all needy. Not a pretty thing, agreed. So I found myself being very selfish of my time and myself this weekend. I'm pretty sure I annoyed HippyChick at one point - but being introverted and alone was the only way I knew how to pick out all that was going on and pull myself back together.

I did, finally, seem to have enough grasp of the situation to talk to people at an LVC party last night I had to go to. I almost cancelled, but was glad I went, in retrospect. Their year is up and I will miss this group...

So the funniest thing from this weekend: Budweiser beer has a new set of commercials for its Bud Light product (which is awful)'s called Real Men of Genius. In it they "honor" men who do "extraordinary" things and just don't get the credit they deserve. This weekend I heard my favorite for "Mr. Mailorder Bride Orderer." I have to say that it's hard to drive when you are laughing that hard. It almost makes me want to buy Bud Light (no, no, I won't because it tastes like hell).


Anonymous said...

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spinsterwitch said...

I'm pretty sure that's spam, but it leads to a site that really isn't selling anything on first glance.


Aravis said...

Spin, we've had those commercials for a while now. Some of them are pretty funny. *G*

Leslie said...

I've managed to re-spin my own fear of confrontation into a sort of perverse virtue. I pretend I am simply holding myself "above it all," when in reality I am cowering behind a large potted plant.

It's an effective strategy. If, by effective, you mean "all in my mind."