Friday, August 12, 2005

"Make a noise and I'll make you feel right, right at home"

That's right, tomorrow is my White Stripes adventure. It's going to be a crazy, busy weekend, so I might not get to post anything until Sunday night. On Sunday I go to HippyChick and BeeDragon's to do some house painting, which ought to be interesting after a rock concert the night before. I anticipate being very sore on Monday.

If you've noticed that certain Brits have been less in evidence these days and you miss them, you can spy on them here. I think we may have lost them for the season as there is talk of prediction charts and much trash talk happening over there (all good natured, so far, it seems). I have to admit, I just visit for the photos - I do hope more are forthcoming.

In a similar vein, I have decided to create another blog. I don't have anything posted yet, although I did pick out a template. It's going to be, exclusively, for the poetry that I've written...I don't expect it to take me away from here in any significant way. I'll link to it eventually.

On Sunday, I move back into my humble abode. I will have to think up a suitable name for my apartment, since I'm naming my housesitting haunts. Wouldn't want my apartment to feel less than in any way.

I try out my new therapist today - wish him luck!

Oh, and on Sunday, visit Charby and wish her a happy birthday!


Aravis said...

Looking forward to hearing the name of your apartment. Good luck to your therapist, and have a great weekend! :0)

red one said...

I'll link to it eventually

Link soon, Spin, link soon! And have a good weekend.


Lord Bargain said...

Er, we had a lot of suggestions for apartment names some while back, perhaps you could use one of them?

Robin's Hood maybe?

and excuse me, I have been in attendance over here recently I think. You certainly haven't lost me for the season, sorry about that....

Fred said...

Have a great weekend. Say hi to the therapist for me; ask them if we can get a bloger buddy discount.

Hyde said...

Yes, link! I'd love to read some of that poetry.

spinsterwitch said... offense meant...just an excuse to promote your new blog and all. But seriously, more pictures would be nice.

I'll be linking once I actually get some of the poetry up there. Probably Sunday night.

And therapy went well. I think it might be a really good match.

Ethel said...

Hi spinsterwitch. Just wanted to thank you for your nice words to me on a rough day. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot that it was White Stripes night! I can't wait to hear how the show was. Thanks again for painting on Sunday,me n BeeDragon appreciate it more than we can say!

P'tit-Loup said...

How was the concert? There is nothing better to feed our souls than a great concert. I always find myself spent and filled at the same time when I attend one.