Sunday, November 13, 2005

"All I wanna know are you going my way?"

Rather than chatter on about the upcoming week or anything else that will spoil the good mood I find myself in tonight, I'm posting the results of the wander I took outside the blog neighborhood last night. It's an interesting mix again...I've added links this time at the request of someone last time I did this.

Hope all your weekends were refreshing!

Why I Hate Sportswriters
This is a new blog (just 2 posts when I stopped in) by Ryan, age and location unknown. He's got a beef against sportswriters. I'm guessing this is a niche not yet filled in blogdom, but I gotta wonder how long the material will last. Kudos on the use of the word "quixotic" to describe said hated sportswriters, though.

Best Hoe Books
I think this may be one of those ad blogs gone very wrong...and as such, it's interesting. The author is Savannah - age and location unknown. It looks like the results of a search-engine search for the word "hoe" is uploaded to the site daily. It's a bizarre mix of gardening utensils, street speak, foreign text and other randomness.

Ur dagbokum Hemulsins
I have no clue what this says. The blog is authored by Thorhallur Gudmundsson, age 33, in Reykjavik, Iceland. Judging by his sidebar, he appears to enjoy the works of Vonnegut, Miller, O'Neill, and Kerouac.

Websurfing for Cash
The title says it all. The author appears to be a woman (her e-mail address), but age and location are unknown. In her sidebar, underneath the archives, there's a little log of her progress...her losses, that is. She should've gone to Vegas - at least there they give you free drinks! (And you all know how much I love Vegas.)

Awkward Chicken Poetics
Awkward Chicken, age unknown, in Athens, Georgia. This is a poetry website - and there's some good stuff here. There's not much to say, except 1) I've never read poetry with quite so much swearing, and 2) this may win the prize for one of the most eclectic web identities so far...especially given it's attachment to such a serious site.

It Was Love At First Site
Sharlane, age and location unknown...possibly somewhere in Malaysia (she describes herself as 100% Hainanese and I'm just not familiar with that ethnicity). She's a cutie who reassures that she's not a transexual (?!). I love bit on her sidebar declaring "Barbie is a slut!" My barbies certainly were...and loved every minute of it.

Writings of Isaiah
A blog designed as though Isaiah (yes, the biblical prophet) wrote it. I'm not so familiar with the Book of Isaiah anymore, but this looks like blatant plagiarism. I think God (and Isaiah) might frown on that. Author, age and location not immediately evident - and with this one, I just couldn't be arsed (I love that phrase!).

Mi Vida
By far the gem of my travels. Author Elnaz Noori, age 19, Tehran, Iran. Check out her full profile - she's got eclectic and wonderful interests: greedy algorithms (I'm still unclear what this means), the movie Sin City, Damien Rice, Queen, and Freud. Is she really only 19? Her blog is primarily in Arabic (which is just beautiful, even though unintelligible to me), but also has a smattering of English and a line of Spanish here and there...and fun photos. This blog made me kind of sad...our governments have not been on the best of terms for longer than she has been alive, and yet I find myself wanting to get to know this woman more. (NOTE: I was checking the link to this one, and it is not leading to a webpage now. I've tried to search by some of the interests, too, and cannot come up with a listing for the blog. I'm sad you guys can't visit this one.)


thephoenixnyc said...

The world needs more Finnish blogs.

hammer said...

i liked the way you used the blog-o-sphere as a distraction from your mood. So much variety out there. I personally found more than one diaries of 16-yr-olds.

the urban fox said...

Arabic? Not Persian/Farsi? Shame it's been removed. Boo.

"Awkward Chicken Poetics" is a lovely name for a blog.

Fred said...

Websurfing for cash? You've got my attention.

red one said...

Spin - you could try this
(I was intrigued and went digging) She is obviously an experienced blogger - since 2002. I found references to another blog of hers, in English, called but this also seems to have been taken down. I don't know whether this is because she changes blogs a lot or whether she has run into some kind of trouble. Things are not always easy for iranian bloggers, although they have a big blog and internet culture as I understand it.

Strangely, Google didn't even have cached versions of the blog you found or the e-level one, which came up on yahoo. You could try looking at the profile in a week or so and see if anything has reappeared...

ps thanks for your comment. I'm OK, but need to restrict my blogworld time a bit I think.

spinsterwitch said...

Fox - the script was Arabic, so I just assumed. I guess I don't know enough about Farsi to know what lettering system it is/can be written in.

spinsterwitch said...

Red - thanks for stopping around. I'll check it out. I was about to post wondering where you'd gotten to....I'm glad you are well.

MrMystic said...

We must have thought about each other at the same time. I was reading your blog and for no apparent reason checked mine and you had just left a comment.