Monday, November 14, 2005

"I'm hanging in there and that's enough"

Today sucked. I'm beginning to think that Mondays are cursed. Maybe I'll do a little spell. But in the meantime, to all you managers out there, when you tell someone that something needs to be done and give them a deadline...there's really no need to call them every Monday to harangue them about what they need to do. 'Nuff said.

Here's a pretty picture...

I came home tonight, ate some dinner, listened to Janis Joplin, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, and Flypside...had a little wine, and now I'm feeling a bit less stressed. Tomorrow, I don't have to go in. I'm going to be indoctrinated by the new company, instead. It's a good thing. A sort of rest, if you will.

I feel a little reckless tonight. I don't know if this is a backlash from the anxiety and constriction of work, but I feel a little like I want to do something crazy. I don't know what (and what's crazy to me is probably pretty normal to someone else, anyway), but I feel like breaking some rules.

I wish it weren't Monday. I wish I could just walk out to the street and find an adventure. I wish...I wish...well, I'm not going to share all that I wish here tonight because it's not a good idea to let your secrets out, is it?

But my most basic that I think I probably can share...I want to lay down tonight in my bed and have someone's arms around me.

B told me, last time we were together that she would remind me of all the disadvantages of a partner next time I was feeling all lonely and weepy...but she's out of town (something I've got to get used to). So, I'm turning to my blog friends...remind me of the joys of singlehood. I think I need that reminder tonight.

When I'm feeling better tomorrow, I will find a witchy spell to dispell the effects of a Monday because, really, this is getting ridiculous. Every Monday for eff's sake (usually it's Saturday!)!

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Aravis said...

When you're single, you don't have to worry about:

1. possession of the remote control
2. possession of covers on bed
3. no in-law like critters to worry about
4. you can do whatever you want without first consulting your significant other
5. more time to do the things you want to do

There, that should get you started...

Hippy Chick said...

not to mention:

1) possession of actual space on the bed
2) complete and utter freedom
3) watch whatever you want on tv at any time
4) live wherever you want
5) do a complete location or career change without it affecting anyone else

Flash said...


Life on your own terms!

The ability to flirt with people with no fear of reprisal!

Alecya Giovanni said...

1) Cooking whatever you like
2) no one to hound you over shaving your legs or other personals
3) Staying out late without someone worrying over you and being pissy
4) you never have to sleep on the couch unless you want to
5) you don't have to be pleasant just because, you can be cranky anytime you want
6)You never have to worry about choosing between a pet and a mate
7) The space on the bed thing, tis true.
8) No putting up with watching crap movies just because
9) No fighting over TV shows
10) No akward family holidays, introductions, etc.
11) You can have a cry and not feel the need to explain yourself

I shouldn't be an expert on this. You know, even after four years, i have days I just want to be left alone. And I hate to ask it. You never do. Think of it that way.

the urban fox said...

There is NOTHING lonelier than being in a relationship that isn't working. Being single seems like a picnic in heaven by comparison. Never forget that.

If you're just talking about lying with someone (that phrase sounds weirdly Biblical) from a physical/lust point of view - well, again, sometimes it's lonelier to have some stranger in the bed than to be in there on your own. Depends on your mood, I suppose.

I think a Monday cheeriness spell sounds like a great idea.

red one said...

Down with Mondays!

Fox is right about miserable relationships.
*sigh* Life has a variety of ways of making us miserable.

I wish I could just walk out to the street and find an adventure. I like that, though. I like that wish but I would never have thought of putting it that way.

Good luck with your Monday spell and take care.


ps off topic: I was looking at things elsewhere and came across the info that the Iranian Feminist Tribune blog was "filtered" - blocked by the govt in some way" - at the beginning of this month. In a solidarity move, a group of around 20 Iranian bloggers published their blogs as "Iranian Feminist Tribune" on 11 Nov. I wondered if that might have had anything to do with your suddenly disappearing blog the other day... Of course she may have had nothing to do with it and it's just coincidence. The IFT blog itself seems to be available (it's in Persian, but there are a couple of English links and some music!)

Pynchon said...

Mondays are cursed. I thought everybody knew that. The first day back at work.


Brian Harrison said...

You can't argue against freedom. That one word is so powerful. I wish the movie industry and the music industry were more into such a concept.

Ethel said...

Mondays do suck! And I'm beginning to think Tuesdays do, as well. But those sheeps (yes, I know, sheep - but sheeps sounds cuter, I think) are so cute!