Monday, November 21, 2005

"All we need is some direction"

I feel good about today. My anxiety levels were controllable. I got done exactly what I'd planned. I came home today and started on my project of tidying up the house. So I tidied the bedroom for awhile. Now I have a pile of ironing and I keep sneezing because of the dust I stirred up (an indication that I need a new vacuum, as any vacuuming I do these days is more ceremonial...). I did get my two new pieces of art hung, though.

I had another disturbing dream last night. I see a couple in which one of my colleagues sees one of the clients individually. I dreamt we were discussing this couple in consultation (for which I have permission), and the door to the office had been left open. The client somehow heard and went running out. It felt awful! I had to wake myself from my dream because I felt sure that I had chased this client away.

I want to go back to the days of not remembering my dreams...or maybe I could dream something pleasant!

There's not much else to tell. My mind feels a little dull.

I have to go search out something on the internet now for my Thanksgiving post.


the urban fox said...

Just stopping by to say hello, Spinny. Hope you're having a non-anxious day today too.

red one said...

Ew, stress dreams. Not nice. Hope you have a good day and a better night's sleep.

I'm intrigued about the thanksgiving post now. In my hopeless limey way, I don't even know when it is...


Flash said...

"So I tidied the bedroom for awhile... and I keep sneezing because of the dust I stirred up"-
Oh I hate that & it happens to me all the time!*

*I say all the time but what I really mean is bi-annually!

Lord Bargain said...

perhaps it's the dust giving you the dreams?


Mr. Mystic said...

I wish you pleasant dreams tonight.

P'tit-Loup said...

Thanksgiving is the last thursday of the month of November, for all of you limeys (and Canadians). I had several wierd dreams last night too, and kept waking up after each of them! In the most notable one, I said a "magic" name, I think it was Billy Gray, and after I said the name, I began to be sucked in to nothingness, as the room was spinning and swallowing me. I woke up, but I was not as fearful as I would have expected. Just an odd dream.

spinsterwitch said...

"perhaps it's the dust giving you the dreams?"

I don't think it was that kind of dust!