Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"In the midst of the rubble I felt a sense of rebirth"

Nothing huge has changed...I just had a really good, productive day at work (if all goes well tomorrow, I'll be mostly caught up with everything). I had a great consultation group where I felt like my work was being respected and I felt confident in what I was saying. Then I was at a Support Committee meeting for LVC, and I felt that there were some really good things that happened there, and I connected with some people I really like.

I also had a reality check conversation with a co-worker today. It felt good to have someone, outside the other social worker, really affirm that I'm doing a good job. I've felt that's been missing lately.

So it's been a good, busy day. Now I'm exhausted.

Thank you all for the lovely feedback on my mom's painting. Yes, Fox, I do some painting, but mine tends to be more abstract. My mom is actually quite talented in drawing - something I've never really worked at mastering in any way. It kind of intimidates me. Maybe someday in the distant future.

I feel like I'm already looking pretty steadily towards the weekend, even though there's a couple more days to get through. But I'm excited about getting to hang out with HippyChick on Friday and I get to housesit at the Retreat this weekend. I have one client to see this weekend and that's all that I have planned. I'm going to definitely take some time to sit out in the backyard, if it's warm enough. And there will be time to spend with Kitty.

Just an FYI, you all may notice that I'm commenting a bit less these days. I won't be commenting at work, but at home only. So know that I'm stopping by, but I may not be able to comment until later.


Bee said...

I know from personal experience that if you manage to find a good teacher, learning to draw is IMMENSELY satisfying and just gets easier and more fun the more you do it. Finding the good teacher is the difficult part, though. :)

Flash said...

Yay for feeling on the up!

the urban fox said...

In the words of the mighty Michelle Gayle (one for the Brits only, I fear): things are looking up, rejoice.

Bee, you can LEARN to draw? You mean I didn't need to endure my life so far being useless at it? Good grief.

Hyde said...

Glad you're feeling better...