Friday, November 18, 2005

"Lucky, lucky, your so lucky"

Well, friends, the weekend is here. And I am exhausted. Today was another stressful day...I did go into work for a few hours and while I feel good about what got done, I just left feeling emotionally wrung out. Then I went to my own therapy, then I went to be the therapist. I had to actually drink caffeine so I wouldn't fall asleep (because that is a worst nightmare scenario for me!).

Here's some lucky things that happened today. My mother has been telling me she would send me her old printer and scanner, but she's as bad as getting to the post office as I. Well, today they arrived at work. I have the scanner in my trunk and will take the printer home on Monday! Score!

I got to hang out with HippyChick...BeeDragon joined us later. We were able to agree on a movie choice (Spanglish), and we went back to her place to order some Chinese. The unlucky part of the evening came when the DVD stopped working. We were convinced it was the disk, but the player didn't work with other we went into the bedroom to try the DVD in there. It worked for a few minutes, then the disk went kaput again. This time the player seems to have survived.

The lucky part, for me, of hanging out with HC is that they brought me back gifts from their trip a few weeks ago. I got a puppy calendar and Scotsman's gum (funny gift-store gift).

I departed soon after we gave up on the disk because I was about dead on my feet. And the third lucky thing of the day...I get to be at the Retreat and take a jacuzzi bath tonight. Well, I might not wait for it to fill up enough for a jacuzzi, but I'm definitely taking a bath.

So I've been lucky on this Friday...but of course the luckiest among us this week may be Flash who is getting to go to Lyon for 3 months on his company's dime. He's taking off Sunday, and I thought it might be nice to give him a send off by sharing a nice french-related anecdote.

I'll start...My only French exposure is during middle school and (briefly) high school. I took French and, alternately, had a French name of Angelique or Jasmine. But in 8th grade, I got to go on a trip to Quebec and Montreal with other kids from the school district. It was a lovely trip...gave me an interest in travel and resulted in my first exposure to mussels.

Anyway, safe journey, dear Flash...I'm sure you'll find your way to a computer at some free point, and share your lovely adventures with us.


Fred said...

Yeah, some days are better than others. Other than the stress at work, not that bad.

Weird - I had mussels for lunch today.

Hippy Chick said...

Stupid DVD and DVD player! ;) Oh well, the company at least was top-notch! Looking forward to boozing it up next weekend :)