Monday, November 07, 2005

"Where the bullfrogs jump from bank-to-banky"

Yes, yes, I'm back again, in such a short time. But I've been thinking about this lovely manifesto that Flash wrote. It's quite good, and thought provoking, really.

Article #2 (Comments are not love), has made me think a lot lately. And it sent me running for my stats counter...when I don't have comments coming in, my stats counter is a reminder to me that, even when people don't comment, they are stopping by...then, of course, I get so distracted by all the lovely and somewhat bizarre information that you can glean, that I stop worrying about who's visiting and how often.

For instance, today I learned that someone in India found my page by Googling for the lyrics of Spun by Flypside. I know that some of you link to me through your own blog pages, and some of you must have me bookmarked because there is no incoming path.

But most curious of all (and I hope I don't scare this person away), I seem to have a reader in Germany. At first, I thought that maybe this stat was a know someone hitting the next blog button and then heading out, but the same ISP keeps coming back at least once a day. So a huge shout out to my reader in Germany!

That's all for now.


red one said...

that's interesting... because I've got a regular reader in Germany too. And I don't know who they are either. It is especially nice to get their visits as this person must actually like reading my blog, unlike the many many visitors who are there because they are looking either for pictures of lizards or paintings by Picasso. I have big lizard and picasso traffic.

I've no idea if your reader in Germany is the same as mine. But on the offchance: a big hello and thankyou to the reader in Germany from me too.


Carol Gee said...

Spin, I realte to this post. I have those same traffic preoccupations. Know that I visit often and always enjoy your open and honest posts. . .from a retired therapist.

the urban fox said...

Since starting my new site, I haven't really checked my stats much. That's silly, isn't it?

Then again, I probably don't need another excuse to wander off from the novel...

Flash said...

I want a German reader!

Funnily enough I lost my stat meter when i had a revamp & now I'm not sure whether I want it back or not.

Hippy Chick said...

...and LB has a bunch of polish readers on her lbnuke site! we're so multiculti ;)

nrshna: nirvana for shanana star Bowzer

Hippy Chick said...

excuse me, make that Polish

Fred said...

I love the StatCounter thingamajiggy, especially for the search terms people use to find my blog. You'll find some pretty bizarre searches every so often.

I don't have a regular German reader, though, I'm jealous.

Charby said...

I have mine but I hardly ever check it, only when I'm having the competition to get 5,00o visitors or whatever.