Saturday, December 03, 2005

"Fa la la, la la la, la la la"

ARGH! Blogger has me mightly pissed off. I tried posting comments to blogs out there, but it kept giving me the word verification of "smenita" (which apparently means, you will never get this right in Russian). I would dutifully type it in and, it would tell me I was wrong. Then it would give me that damned smenita again.

It's laughing at me, I just know it!

I thought I would share the first part of my day with you in (some) pictures:

Here's my trusty Honda, waiting for me at 9 a.m.

I park my car about a block from my office, and this rose bush is invariably in bloom. I love that I live somewhere that the roses are blooming in December!

Breakfast in the office...I saw clients after this.

I, then, went to the grocery store. Their produce is just so beautiful! And look in the upper right corner, you can see the branch of brussel sprouts I took home.

And here's home. My apartment is the windows in the upper left of the part of the building that's shown.

I'm going to a holiday party tonight. This is a mixed blessing. I'm feeling lonely today again and wishing for companionship. So, happily, I will be around friends, but, sadly, they will all have their partners with them. There might be one or two other singles there...we'll see. I have to trust that it will be all good, I suppose.

Well, I suppose that I need to head to the kitchen and start on the dish that I'm bringing. (I also need to do a bit of cleaning up in the kitchen before I can start the cooking.)


Matt said...

I don't know why, but it makes me want to make a photo movie. Thanks Spinny.

Fred said...

Hope the party went well. I've read a few other blogs tonight that have had the same problem, so you're not alone out there in blogland.

Great pictures!

Aravis said...

I hope you had an excellent time tonight! :0)

spinsterwitch said...

Update: So the party was good. It's a little strange to be in a group where I go to a party and I know most of the main people in the group...with this group I do, so there are less chances to feel left out. But here's what happened: I started to feel overwhelmed. It was a bit overstimulating. So instead of feeling lonely, I ended up helping the hostess with clean-up in order to get away from the group a bit.

I made a dish of "red cabbage" which is almost as far from the original vegetable as any vegetable dish can get...(red cabbage sauteed in butter/margarine, then stewed in it's own juices, vinegar, sugar and berry jam. Throw in a dash of cloves and some shredded apple and this is almost dessert.).

I'm off to bed now - It's about time.

the urban fox said...

Mmm, sunshine! Veg! Party! These are all good. Hope you had a nice long nap afterwards.

Lord Bargain said...

weirdness alert.

I had that exact same word verification issue with the exact same word. Last night.

I thought it was my inability to decipher simple English letters and so grumpily gave up eventually.

But perhaps I was part of a huge global conspiracy, or something. It'll be Red's button that's behind this, you know.