Friday, December 02, 2005

Look what we did!

So some of you may have already been over to Bee's and seen the poem extant already. For those of you who don't visit Bee, you really should! But here's the poem posted anyway:

It's cold outside and the wind is rattling the window.
A ghostly, pale image is reflected in the panes.
The future unwritten
batters against the glass.
The leaves in the trees are talking to each other,
soft wistful whispers,
bringing me the memory, murmured promises and eager breath.
Frozen fingers bring me back
the cold harsh reality of my world.
I want more.
The match flares.
The icicles entwines,
and a shudder envelopes me as it drips down my spine.
Burning deep inside,
while waiting for the light of day,
wondering what it holds.

Isn't that the coolest! What I loved the most about this process was how much of everyone I saw in each of your lines. That was so much fun...


In other news, over at Fox's den, we've had the great reveal of her gender. Kind of strange to think of you in gendered terms, Foxy, but it feels like a new adventure too. Blog on!


I did pick up the new Octavia Butler book and I am going to wait to crack it. I don't know if I'll be able to wait until the holiday trip home, but I realized that if I start it now, I'm never going to get my holiday cards out.

I'm struggling with the whole issue of holiday gifts this year. I'm planning on stocking gifts for my family being my art this year. But that feels really strange. Mostly it feels strange because I worry they'll take one look and turn up their noses at it. I've gotten mostly positive responses from people so far, but my family, bless them, are midwesterners. My parents, if they don't like it, will be polite and sweet, but I worry about Sister (who once cut short a museum visit with me and mom so she could go tanning). She "teases" me about things that she doesn't understand about me. It's hard enough to deal with when it comes to my food choices, but something like this would feel really personal. I'm sure it will be all fine.


While in the bookstore this a.m., I passed by a calendar of Orlando Bloom. I have to admit that it just doesn't seem right that Orlando Bloom has a calendar.

Don't get me wrong - I like Orlando. He's a cutie. He has a tendency to make movies that involve swords - always a plus in my book. He's a tolerably good actor (although to be fair there's never been anything that seems to have stretched his abilities yet).

But I really have to wonder, if you are doing a calendar at such an early point in your career, what more is there to strive for? It's like doing a "greatest hits" album when you've only put out one album.

In a related note, I've rented Ringers: Lord of Fans...about the impact of the LOTR trilogy on generations (that would be starting with the books, of course).


spinsterwitch said...

Just want to clarify - midwesterners are up on their art. There's a number of fine art museums in Minneapolis and St. Paul, but I don't think that the taste of anyone in my family runs to anything more modern than the impressionists. Since my stuff tends to be a bit free form...that's where the worry comes in.

(This comment is brought to you by Spins' oversensitivity to pissing people off.)

P'tit-Loup said...

I can relate to your feeling of giving things that you have made to materialistic family members. My take on it, at my advancing age, is that if they can't appreciate it, that is their loss. I too have struggled for years with that concept, and that is how I deal with it now. Rest assured that I proudly display the painting you gave me, as I very much like it. I know that many of the gift I bestowed on my sister, she just sent on to a donation bin, which is just fine by me as I have done the same with many of her gifts to me. We just don't have the same taste, phylosophy and well just about anything in common except our family. Sometimes it makes me sad, but more often, I shrug it off. But It took me a while to get there.

Bravo for the poem, I wanted to add a line, but by the time I got to it, it seemed complete.

P'tit-Loup said...

Oh let me know about Ringers, is it like Trekkers? I loved that.

spinsterwitch said...

Ringers was interesting. It sort of took itself more seriously in parts than the Trekkies movie did. But, then, there is an aspect of LOTR that is considered very literary. Did I ever mention that the Hobbit was required reading in my middle school? I'd read it by then, so the teacher had me read Fellowship and complete the report with that book instead.

But there was also the fun stuff of seeing people be just totally obsessed with the characters and costumes, etc.

They also got some good interviews with the cast and crew...P'tit Loup, you would love the Viggo pieces (as they just confirm that he is a superior human being).

the urban fox said...

Something personal like your own art sounds like the best possible present anyone could get. If they aren't thrilled to receive it, they're dangerously insane and you need to get out of there as soon as possible. Heh.

If it's any consolation, the Orlando Bloom calendars are already on special 1/2 price offer round here.

Charby said...

oooh... Orlando....
Viggo's not too bad either!

Mr-Mystic said...

Here is the song I associate with you. sung by Joan Armatrading.

Help Yourself

If you're gonna do it do it right
Don't leave it overnight
If you're gonna help me help me now
Another ten minutes will be too late

Like a crying child
I need comfort now
Don't pick me up
When the tears are dry on my face

Need someone to help me
But not you, you're not ready
Seems you have trouble helping yourself

It takes time to notice
But you don't seem to know time keeps moving
What you're doing is wasting my time
You would help me more
Help me more if you helped yourself
Help yourself
Help yourself

You wanna get yourself together
Don't you wanna put yourself to right
I said get yourself together
Don't you wanna put yourself to right
I said no, don't apologise
You've done your best
Seems it still ain't right
Leave me alone
No more to be said
To get it right you got to do it yourself

I'm going out to help myself
Help myself
Help myself
I'm going out to help myself
Help myself
Help myself

If you're gonna say it say it now
Don't leave it overnight
If you're gonna hold me hold me tight
I don't wanna leave
Not if it seems all right

Like a crying child
I need comfort now
Don't pick me up
When the tears are dry on my face

You've got to govern the situation
No not you, you're not ready
And anyway, hold up
Hold up
Hold up
You're trying to sort out your mind

You've got to get it together
You've got to get it together
It would help me more
Help more if you helped yourself

Fred said...

That poem turned out great! I'm keeping the gifts to a minimum this year. I think the more we give the kids, the less they appreciate each one. So, small and meaningful is the mantra this year.

spinsterwitch said...

Thanks for the song Mystic. I really like what I've heard of Joan Armatrading, but that isn't much. I'll have to go looking for this...

P'tit-Loup said...

reply to an earlier comment:

AHH yes, Viggo, (stated in a zombie-fied voice).