Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I can't think of a suitable song lyric

I have the worlds largest cat sleeping on the chair next to me. I have the pictures to prove it that I'll post tomorrow.

Today I've been feeling down again, but there are circumstances...1) it's grey, grey, grey here. Lot's of fog and no sun. 2) I'm leaving to go back to my mess of a life tomorrow. I should have my car, that's a plus. 3) I'm feeling the beginnings of a cold - tired, scratchy throat, slightly headachy.

I got to see MyMentor and her partner this afternoon. She's such a positive woman and really progressive. I can't think of what would have happened to me in college, if she hadn't been around. She's such an inspiration about how people can continue to move and change into their 60s (and hopefully beyond).

Then tonight it was on to see MNDoctor, her partner and their daughter. The wee one is so sweet and eventually warmed up to me to give me hugs. Whatever shyness she exhibited was more than made up for by the overt affection of one of their kitties, Tolliver. They have a beautiful new home. It's always good to reconnect with MNDoctor. Believe it or not, she and I were thrown together as dorm mates our first year in college and we've remained friends ever since.

So back I go to my home tomorrow...my 30 day notice to vacate in hand. I'm not going to start any packing until after the new year, so I have this one last weekend to just nest in my home before my life becomes chaos.

B is picking me up from the airport and taking me to pick up the car...I'm grateful not to have to take BART.

I want to thank all of you who come here every day and post comments. You cannot know just how reassuring it is.

Oh, on a last note. I did do a tarot reading for myself tonight. It tells me that I should be moving into a more balanced time in the future (how near that future is is a little unclear, but still it gives me hope).


Matt said...

You are never truly alone Spinny.

P'tit-Loup said...

Glad to be of help and reassurance in any manner. The fact that you know someone that can still change and grow in her sixties is a great encouragement to me as I see so many folks getting stale as they age, it terrifies me.

My thougths upon seeing what your reading yielded is that the balance starts as the move starts. When you get in the smaller space, even if it has its cost, it will carry you to new heights, and new, more fulfilling challenges.

In friendship always!

Aravis said...

Great news about the car! Glad that you're giving yourself this weekend before having to start packing. You need more "Me Time" before you start to uproot. The tarot reading sounds really promising though. Hope it works out! :0)

the urban fox said...

Yay! Here's to balance and happiness in 2006. You are going to be just fine, Spin, really you are.

Fred said...

Welcome home. Glad you have your car back, too.

Well, hopefully the tarot cards are right. That would make it a great new year!

Hippy Chick said...

Yay nesting! It's a good thing :) Welcome back home and glad you are getting a ride from the airport. I see good things for you in 2006 and your tarot cards confirm it! You are definitely never alone amiga. It may be gray here too but at least it's warmer! :)

Mr-Mystic said...

I agree with your reading, and I can also add that you are going to have an adventurous summer.

LavaLady said...

grey grey grey thisa way too.
I've been soaking up bright flourescent lighting whenever I walk into a store... keep your head up.

Lord Bargain said...

you can never be properly sad with a huge cat, surely?