Monday, December 26, 2005

"Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name"

Today was the first of 2 days of intense visiting. I only get back to Minnesota about once a year, and most of my friends don't get out to California. So every year at the holidays, I try to see as many people as I can who I'm friends with...mostly college friends, these days as I've lost track of high school friends.

Today I met up with ShinyThing. She might be wandering around the blog sometimes...which would be lovely. I got to see her new place, take a shower (thank the gods!...see note in previous blog about our sewer problems, if you are confused), meet Sadie the cat, and go have a fabulous lunch out at a neighborhood French Bistro. ShinyThing is one of those friends that I feel totally at ease with whenever we get back together. I don't have to have any pretensions around her and we can just talk about our shit. She's been having troubles this year and deserves so much happiness in her life. I hope it comes to her soon.

I went directly from there to go out to dinner with MarriedWithChildren and She'sGotBoys. MWC and SGB both have 3 children, and both this year and last year we had "girls' night out" when I was in town. MWC and I were best friends in college and have drifted. SGB and I were good friends as well and have drifted. It's sometimes challenging for me as a single woman with no children to relate to their lives, but I love them just the same. They are really genuine and care about their families. MWC and I have decided to stay closer by talking on the phone more often. We'll see how long we keep that up.

I'm exhausted. I feel like I ate non-stop today. And tomorrow I'm off to see MyMentor for lunch and MNDoctor and her partner for dinner.

Just a last note, my parents have graciously allowed me to use their car to go on visits. It is roughly the same square footage as the smaller apartment I will be moving into - boat sized, really. I'm just going to be so glad to not have to navigate this thing anymore!


Aravis said...

I'm glad you're having such a great time visiting with old friends, spin! I used to drive an old "boat" myself and know its challenges well. On the plus side, the thing's probably a tank and fairly safe in case of accident.

Enjoy! :0)

Hippy Chick said...

I'm so glad you're getting to see old friends. Like your song lyrics, sometimes it is nice just to be at home with people who've known you from way back when. that's hilarious about the car. yours is going to feel like riding in a go-kart when you get back :) Have a great rest of your visit there and call me when you get in on Wednesday! Hi from Bee Dragon and the furry ones too. Meow!

Mr-Mystic said...

This is so much better than hearing your depressed. I wish you could bottle it.

spinsterwitch said...

I wish I could bottle it too, Mystic.

Aravis - yeah, I'll be pretty safe in the car (unless hit by an SUV - because they are so tall, etc).

HC - give Bee and the kitties a hug for me.

Alecya Giovanni said...

Hey Spin, its nice to see you're enjoying yoruself, even if you aer a nit busy. Hope you're going to have an excellent time today as well.


Fred said...

Enjoy your visits. It's funny, all my close friends from long ago are high school buddies. I never really bonded with anyone from college.

Sounds like a really big car!

the urban fox said...

It's lovely to catch up with everyone. Hope you're having a great day, even if you are exhausted. Hope the boat starts feeling more manageable soon too!

thephoenixnyc said...

Ha, who says you can't go home again.

Going to Pyscho Suzies?

Anonymous said...

Aww Spinny, I'm all verklempt. It was so fabulous to see you on Monday. Of all my friends, you're at the top of the list of people I most admire for being tough, adaptable and true to themselves no matter what. So when things get crappy I often think, "What would Spin do?" (WWSD?) 90% of the time it helps. The other 10% requires a pitcher of martinis and episodes of Wooster and Jeeves.

Hang in there my dear. I sincerely hope things get better soon. You are the cat's pajamas, and deserve all the happiness in the world.

xo shiny