Friday, December 09, 2005

"I don't know just who to blame for this catastrophe!"

Thanks all of you who have left such lovely comments. Your support is deeply appreciated. So I thought I would give you an's how the rest of my day went.

After waiting for several hours for the adjustor, I called back my insurance. They put me through to a voicemail, and the woman has still not returned my call. It was getting later in the day, and I really needed to be able to leave to get to the airport and rent a car. But, of course, there sat the damaged Honda...

I called B because I couldn't figure out what to do, and she gave me the number to the service guy I used to go to...I should backtrack for a moment. B had her previous car stolen. The guy who stole it really did a number on it. It was recovered, but was totally trashed on the inside - including the steering wheel and column (although her's was still driveable). Anyway, she reminded me that Sammy had been ever so helpful to her.

So after trying the adjustor another time, I called Sammy. He was immediately on the case. He had me call for a tow (which with my roadside assistance is free) to take it to the garage he now works at. He's going to hound the insurance and do an estimate, and maybe, just maybe, have it all done in a week! Gods bless Sammy!

So I called the tow and was told to wait with the car. I sat in the car waiting for the was just creepy. It's not my house or anything, and as I mentioned before, it was mostly just trash and non-valuables, but they went through everything and ripped the steering wheel off. It just gives me the chills.

When the tow truck got there I was happy, but my happiness soon turned to dismay as the tow truck operator started complaining about the fact that we couldn't steer the car and the wheels were locked, etc. He asked why I hadn't told the dispatch that I didn't have power steering. I could hardly believe this. He was haranguing me for not giving instructions on a call I didn't make! (It went through my roadside assistance.) Besides which, my car did have power steering...once! But without a steering column...

Then I get in his truck with him and he asks me not once, but at least 3 times, if my boyfriend might have done this. What the fuck! I'm feeling gross and violated and now this guy's asking about my personal relationships and the nature of them?! He almost died, I tell thee.

I was never so happy to see a bunch of service guys in my life! And Sammy was as friendly and helpful as ever. I finally made it out to the airport and picked up the rental (which I'm now trying not to worry about since it's being parked on the street, too). Then I headed out to see a movie.

I was really in the mood for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but it was sold out. So I went to see Syriana. I have to admit that I just wasn't in a good space for that movie. It's pretty harsh reality, brutally harsh even...and I didn't need brutality tonight. I would recommend it, just not on a day like I've had today.

And now all I want is to curl up and snuggle with someone again...ACK, the old record playing. But there it is.

Tomorrow has to be better. Right?


red one said...

I just read the post below - and was already going Aaarrrrrgghh - and then I saw this:
and he asks me not once, but at least 3 times, if my boyfriend might have done this.

Unbelievable. That's the guy who should have had his steering wheel ripped off, clearly. Another Aaaarrrrggh, I think, but with extra Grrr!

Poor Spin. What a load of hassle. I do hope the weekend is a bit better for you.


LavaLady said...

good thoughts for you.

Fred said...

I missed the post on your car. Dang! Sorry about what's happening - what a pain in the a**. Let's hope the weekend is brighter for you.

Lord Bargain said...

good grief. what a catalogue of events that is.

hurrah for Sammy, that's what I say.

MrMystic said...

Oh, how we must know pain to be able to truely enjoy pleasure.

Your good days are just around the corner, Trust me spinny they're coming.

spinsterwitch said...

Why is it that a good cry at night...and last night qualified as the "good cry" type...leaves you with an emotional hangover the next day (heavy eyes, stuffed sinuses).

On a positive note, the rental has a CD player. So I'm going to be taking some System of a Down and Linkin Park with me today. It seems appropriate for Xmas's the only day I have to do it.

Mystic - I'm looking forward to those good days, truly I am.

Fred! I just noticed your new pic! That's great.

Hippy Chick said...

ugh what a horrible ordeal. i'm so glad you ultimately got the rental car and glad B had a good guy for you to go to...hope today is much, much better :)

P'tit-Loup said...

So sorry to see that, and hear about the creep they sent to drive the tow truck. You should contact his company and complain at his unprofessionalism. I can relate to the scuzzy feeling of knowing someone was in your car. When I interned in Palo Alto, I would take the train from the city and park my car by the station. Twice my car was broken into, and the first time the lock was so damaged that it had to be replaced. I also had nothing of value to be taken and they did not seem to appreciate my taste in music! The wierder part for me was to realize that someone was in my car, and maybe had spent the day in to get warm, and then I got worried that they may have lice, anyway; I have a fertile imagination and a touch of paranoia. I'm very sorry for your experience, and glad that Sammy was so helpful.

Aravis said...

Sorry the rest of the day was crap. What a relief that B was able to point you to Sammy!